The old GREWACO watch factory

Grewaco stands for "Grenchen Watch Company". Grenchen is a small town in Switzerland with many watchmaker's enterprises; one of them was GREWACO, founded in 1947 by August and Hilda Triebold-Spahr. They were producing various types of quality watches (also under the brand Midway, Plaza, Westbury, Markham, Clinton...) till A. Triebold's early death in 1963.

With the beginning of the electronic age, production was given up completely.


August Triebold in his factory



               Examples of the GREWACO product line:

A small Ladies' wristwatch

A water-resistant, shock-proof anti-magnetic watch.

A movement not yet mounted in its case.

The reverse side of the movement - observed through the watchmaker's eyeglass/loupe

small spheric watches were en vogue at a certain time

movement of a spheric watch

the glass of a spheric watch is removed

small pocket watch